Connie Marie McDanel

As an entrepreneur, a business mentor, and “passioneer", Connie Marie McDanel has been instrumental in changing the legacies of families across the globe. After the loss of young family members to cancer and prescription drugs, Connie knew Young Living could be the impetus that would propel her healing home vision which has now reached a global impact. 

Connie was an elementary teacher for 20 years.  Connie co-lead two district National School Reform Implementations. She co-wrote multiple grants for children in poverty. She served the Department of Defense Dependent Schools during the 1989 Panama Invasion where she and her colleagues held students safe due to gun fire until all were evacuated by the U.S. Army. Her last tenure was at a highly progressive Title I elementary school integrating art and music.

As a young woman, Connie competed in intercollegiate rodeo and professionally. Connie was featured nationally in an Associated Press article highlighting women in sports by AP sports writer, Will Grimsley.  She made a talk show appearance with TV game show host, Gene Rayburn in New York City.  She was a Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky sponsorship spokesperson for North Dakota rodeos.  Connie is a 14-time saddle winner among women athletes.  In early 1980s, she was instrumental in getting equal prize money for women athletes in the North Dakota Rodeo Association and then other state associations followed. 

As an activist, Connie is a current member of Grace Lake Watershed Association where she was an instrumental member for achieving the coveted Minnesota Star Lake award recognizing the committed changes a lake association makes toward watershed health.

Connie always dreamed of a business where she could contribute to the greater good yet build financial security.  Partnering with Young Living has become a fulfilling career and a means for the greater good to help other families in creating a lifestyle of vitality and financial security for their own life purpose. She also found fulfillment empowering women to create a means to support their own heart purposes.  She realized so many women are being held back from their heart’s passions due to finances.  Empowering them with the steps to build a lucrative business with Young Living, they can fund their own way.

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