Debra Raybern

At the heart of Debra is faith, home, and family. Before joining Young Living, she taught classes from her home as a master herbalist. After searching for a simpler way for her students to incorporate herbs into everyday life, she was introduced to essential oils and eventually found her way to Young Living products.  

 What began as a fun hobby, however, quickly became a source for income. When Debra’s husband unexpectedly passed away from an aneurism, she was left as the sole provider for their young daughter. Not to mention, they were $165,000 in debt.  

 “Those first years as a single mom were my most difficult times.” Debra says. Her motto quickly became, “You cannot quit. You decide you want it, and you do it.”  

 Her dreams of becoming debt free and providing for her daughter are what inspire her now. “All of my goals and more have come to pass. What keeps me going now is the desire to help my members achieve the same level of success that I have enjoyed.” She says.  

Looking back, Debra is grateful for the strength she received from her faith as a Christian, and positive influences along the way. “I am so thankful for the abundance in my life and the ability to share from that abundance.” She says.

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