Heather & John Brock

Heather and John Brock were introduced to Young Living when a friend gave them a generous gift of essential oils at a difficult time in their lives. Heather was grateful for her friend’s kindness, but she was unaware of the role the oils would play in her life.

It wasn’t until two years later, when Heather was able to take a class from her friend, that she had a dramatic experience with the oils. She became determined to share Young Living’s products with everyone she met. Heather told her husband, John, “We are doing this thing.”

She started studying and teaching right away. John was on board with essential oils but skeptical of the business opportunity until he saw the power of duplication at work. John began taking an active role, working the Young Living business part time, until he could put his time and energy where he wanted— in his family and in the vision of Young Living’s mission of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

The Brocks are honored to be counted among the Royal Crown Diamond ranks and are thankful for their powerful team. Heather and John are grateful for the freedom they now have as parents to say “Yes!” to healthy choices, honor the Lord with their work, and help others find that freedom, as well. The Brocks homeschool their three children on their small ranch in Southern California.

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