Joanne Kan

Joanne is Young Living's first Asian born Royal Crown Diamond.  She plays an important role in breaking the market in Hong Kong & Taiwan for Young Living. Through passionately sharing, and expanding her network, she has brought Young Living to the worldwide Chinese community. 

Joanne joined Young Living in 2011. She received her first cheque not knowing where the money came from. All she wanted to do was to help mothers & their children gain better health and happiness, and steer clear of synthetic chemicals through using Young Living.   Since meeting our Founder Gary Young in Oct 2011, she has since trained with him over 20 times, of which 10 times was at our farms span across the globe, including many week-long winter harvests.  She is passionate & knowledgeable about Young Living products. Her wish is to bring into every home the high quality lifestyle of wellness & abundance that Young Living has brought to her. 

She has been invited to talk at the Australian Symposium, APAC Leadership Training, Young Living Taiwan, and International Grand Convention. Her most popular talks includes “Children & Concentration” “Finding Your Voice”. Her most watched Facebook Live “Where does eczema comes from?” has over 35,000 views.  At the previous Essential Oil Online Symposium, she talked about “Connecting Traditional Chinese Health Wisdom with Young Living.” 

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